Panasonic ES-ED96 Epilator Review 2019


  • Known as the Swiss army knife of epilators
  • A versatile and efficient device for removing hair


“What a revolution! The job was done (full leg and bikini line) in 35mins as opposed to 1hr+ and what a neat job it was too. I am seriously impressed.”

By Shirley Pollard, one year ago.

“I think this product will please both the experienced epilation devotee and the new user.”

By Ms. B, one year ago


If you are finding a multifunctional epilator that does provide extreme satisfaction, you are looking right at it. Known as the Swiss army knife of epilators, it also serves as a facial cleanser, foot care tool, and a body scrub brush. It is by far the best all-around tool to remove hair and your go-to ultimate personal grooming option


  • Compact

You can bring it while traveling.

  • Wet and Dry Technology

A waterproof choice for a smoother epilation.

  • 60 pivoting heads

Naturally follows the curve of the body for smooth results.

  • Dual wide discs

Efficient epilating even the shorter length

  • LED Light

Illuminates areas for a clearer vision of the hairs to remove.


The Panasonic ES-ED96 is the best device to focus not just only body hair but to take care of the whole body itself. Not only does the ED96 remove body hair effectively, it also removes makeup residue with ease. Its also able to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate effortlessly dry and dead skin on the feet. Overall a really good device to totally take care of your body and health.

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