What Makes The Best Epilators

Epilators are the big new thing in the self-care and grooming industry, for a good reason too. They’re practical, efficient and extremely easy to use, which is reason enough for their rise in popularity in the past few years. So if you’re interested in upping your grooming game but don’t know where to start with epilators, then this article’s going to be for you. Let’s begin with a quick rundown of what an epilator does best, and what you can look out for when getting one that’s right for you.

Excellent Skincare and Grooming Tool

One of, if not the best thing that epilators can accomplish is the ability to give you silky smooth skin while removing unsightly surface hairs. By eliminating the hairs at the follicle level, epilators remove unwanted strands from legs, arms, underarms, faces, and so many other problem areas. Working similarly to traditional waxing or tweezing, epilators achieve this by plucking hairs and uprooting them from their follicles as mentioned above. However, epilators are entirely automated and can remove hairs on whole areas at once while traditional tweezers can only remove one strand at a time. By far, this is the feature you’re going to want to look out for when getting an epilator for yourself.

Painless Hair Removal

As mentioned earlier, epilators work by plucking away the hairs directly from their follicles. Although this process does sound painful, top performing epilators are specially designed to be as painless as possible during use. This makes it such that anyone, even those who have slightly lower pain tolerance can comfortably ease into using an epilator as and when they need to. Frankly, most of the top-notch epilator models like the ones shown here are also inexpensive and are quite easy to get your hands on. Effectively giving you access to an on-demand personal grooming and hair removal tool when you need it. So if you know that you don’t deal with pain well, you can consider looking out for epilator models that highlight painless usage through their reviews.

Slowed Hair Growth in Problem Areas

This is another excellent example of how effective it is to use an epilator for hair removal. As mentioned earlier, an epilator functions by removing the hairs directly from their hair follicles, effectively destroying the roots. This process slows down the growth of hair on epilated areas of the body because it forces the individual hair follicles first to regenerate the roots before the strands can properly grow. Adding around three to four weeks in time to the total time required to regrow hair fully. Again, this is why epilators are so desired. They help remove unwanted hair for months at a time while maintaining your skin’s silky smooth, supple texture.

More Efficient than Shaving and Waxing

If this weren’t the case, epilators wouldn’t be dominating the personal grooming market like how they are today. At a glance, when you compare average prices of the top-rated epilators on our list here to the cost of shaving and waxing, you’d think it’s not a worthwhile investment. But think of it long term, factor in all the cost in terms of transport, time and resupplying, that goes into traditional shaving and waxing. Most of the users we’ve interviewed have said that eventually the cost of getting an epilator is immediately overshadowed by the cost of purchasing wax and shaving blades within half a year!

Essentially saving you money in the long run, because you don’t have to groom yourself and remove hairs that often when you use an epilator, as opposed to traditional means. So if you’re the kind that loves a good deal, you can’t get better value than an epilator when it comes to effective hair removal and personal grooming.

In closing this piece,

I hope that this has helped to clarify what you can expect from a quality epilator as well as what features you have to look out for. Remember, you know yourself best, so pick and choose the products that work best based on your gut feeling.

Are Epilators Painful to Use?

Well, to tell you upfront, yes. But to help you further understand why it’s painful and unpleasant at times, and what you can do to reduce that, we’re going to need to talk about how epilators work exactly.

How Do Epilators Remove hair?

Epilators remove hairs from the skin by having multiple rotating tweezers which pull the hairs from the hair follicles when switched on. This process involves the tweezers catching onto the hairs, which are then removed because of the rotation of the tweezers themselves. If you’ve ever tried plucking the hairs on your skin before, you’ll know how unpleasant the sensation is — Itch, pain, and rawness all at the same time.

Why are using epilators painful/unpleasant?

Well, it’s mainly because of the hair that’s practically getting pulled out of their follicles with force. Hence it’s pretty unpleasant. That said, the unpleasant sensation is also an indication that the epilator is successfully doing its job. When you feel that pain or discomfort you know that the hairs themselves are getting pulled out by the roots, resulting in stunted hair growth in the region for about a month. This sensation means that feeling pain or discomfort when you’re using an epilator is entirely normal. For first timers you’ll be caught off guard by the strange discomfort you feel when you epilate, but try to put it out of your mind. Most users and other reviewers online say that it gets better over time as you acclimatize to the feeling and get used to the discomfort.

What Can I Do to Reduce the pain of epilating?

Frankly, most of the top performing epilators that you can get your hands on nowadays already are manufactured to be as painless as possible during use. So what we suggest is to start using the epilator a few times first and try to get used to the sensation that you’ll feel during use. If over time you’re still feeling extremely uncomfortable during epilator use, here are some things you can consider to reduce the pain.

1. Taking breaks in between epilating sessions

This is a common trick that helps get most people through the initial stage of discomfort when they first begin using epilators. When you epilate, make it a habit to do so on a specific region of your body and stop once you’re done with that particular body part. Take a break for about five to ten minutes then continue using the epilator on another part of your body. Rinse and repeat this process, and you should find that the discomfort should be brought down considerably. The logic behind this method is the slow build-up of your own body’s pain tolerance, and over multiple cycles, you should feel that the process gets more comfortable and easier to bear.  

Much like increasing physical fitness, keep at it and don’t be afraid to take breaks in between if you’re not feeling up to it. Just remember to keep to the routine, and you’ll be good to go. I promise. This method worked wonders for me since I’ve got a low pain tolerance level, so try to include that in your daily routines if you’re struggling with the discomfort of epilating as well!

2. Making use of “Wet and Dry” Epilators in the shower

As mentioned in our main article, epilators come in two different models when it comes to epilation. One of those types is called “Wet and Dry,” which means that these models can be used on wet skin. Which, is a huge plus in terms of reducing pain and discomfort during the epilating process. This happens because, after a warm shower, the pores on the skin are opened to allow the escape of heat. Making it much easier to remove the hairs from their hair follicles because of the decreased friction between the hair and your subdermal layer of skin.

Personally, I’ve never tried this but the logic behind it works, and my friends which have done so couldn’t agree more. It pretty much makes the whole process of epilating practically painless and much easier to handle if you’ve got extremely sensitive skin. So if you know that you’re someone who isn’t very good with discomfort, you can consider getting yourself a wet and dry epilator model like the ones in our list — improving your personal grooming experience, making it no longer a chore!

In conclusion.

And that’s that. The reason why epilators cause pain and discomfort especially to new users, and what you can do to alleviate that. I hope that reading through this has helped you gain a little insight into what you can do to improve your grooming routine. As well as identifying what to look out for in specific epilator models should you have sensitive skin.

Can Epilators Reduce Hair Growth?

Yes, they can.

Epilators come with the dual benefit of both helping you to easily trim and remove hairs from the body, as well as stunting the growth of the hairs in the same region for about a month or two. On average, other users have reported that it takes them around three to four weeks to begin regrowing hairs on parts of their body which have been epilated. Factoring in the time required for hairs to grow, this pans out at around a total of two months per cycle, before another run with the epilator is needed.

But to understand how this whole process works, we’re going to need to talk about how epilators themselves work quickly. And from there we’ll break down how and why epilating is extremely useful for personal grooming because of its ability to slow hair growth in problem areas. Ready? Let’s get epilating

How Do Epilators Work?

As mentioned in our other article talking about reducing discomfort while using epilators, these handy machines are excellent at removing surface hairs. The bread and butter mechanism in an epilator is its bed of rotating tweezers which catch onto hairs when switched on. Once the tweezers firmly catch the hairs, the rotating motion of the epilators will gently pull the hairs out of their hair follicles. Simple, right? Just imagine you manually using tweezers to pull out the hairs on your skin, except completely automated and extremely easy to use. Now let’s move onto the main star of the show, the slowed hair growth that comes with epilator use.

Slowed Hair Growth

This is the point where the magic happens. Remember how previously we mentioned that the epilators remove hairs by pulling them from their hair follicles? That whole process is what’s responsible for the stunted hair growth in epilated parts of the body. Saving you loads of time and money, no longer needing to shave once in every two weeks.

This phenomenon happens because of the hairs being removed by the roots during epilation, effectively leaving the hair follicles empty and unable to regrow hairs until the roots are fully regrown. Effectively adding a few weeks of recovery time, whereby the follicles are regenerating the roots of hairs.

This results in epilated regions only regrowing hairs entirely in around two months, which is frankly a fantastic benefit. For me, that is what drove me to start using epilators instead of shaving. It saves you so much time when you can remove, trim and treat specific parts of your body on demand.

The Trade-Off of Epilators

Well, everything we’ve talked about so far sounds great. Epilators are pretty much able to save you time, money and frustration if you’re ready to use them comfortably each time. But that being said, do bear in mind that many users that are new to epilator use tend to find the initial experience pretty jarring and hard adjust to. We’ve got a full article talking about the discomfort associated with first-time epilator use here, as well as covering some methods that you can employ to reduce the pain as well.

So with all the excellent benefits, do remember that if you’re new to epilators and epilating in general, these pros do come at a cost. We are just going to throw it out there, so we don’t miss any points of view.

In closing

Epilators are frankly one of the best things to happen to personal grooming. It’s practically provided us with an excellent way of removing unsightly surface hairs with ease, plus the bonus of slowing the hair growth in specific regions. How much better can it get? Still, to the ladies who know they’ve got a low pain tolerance, do check out our piece here to see what you can do to improve the experience. Take care, and we hope this has helped you get a better understanding of the health and beauty benefits epilating has to offer. And finally laying out what you can take note of once you get an epilator for yourself!

Corded or Cordless Epilators? Which You Should Choose

When it comes to epilators, you’ve got a choice to make between what kind you’re looking to get for yourself. The two types being, corded, mains-powered epilators; or cordless, battery-powered epilators. Today we’ll go over some of the main things you might want to look out for when you’re considering which type to get for yourself. And hopefully, this helps you to understand some of the drawbacks and advantages better when looking for a model that’s right for you. Let’s get into it.

Convenience and ease of use.

This is a big thing when it comes to personal grooming tools. The last thing someone would want is their epilator to be an all-around annoyance to use. Considering epilators are used once or twice every fortnight, this is going to grow into a massive headache that may even drive you to stop using the epilator all together. In this respect, cordless epilators are much easier to use compared to their corded counterparts simply because you won’t have to pack up, unplug and carefully gather the wires every time after use. For cordless epilators, all you have to do before and after use is to switch the unit on and off respectively. Saving you loads of time and frustration that would’ve probably be spent untangling wires and removing other appliances from sockets. So if convenience is a big thing for you, cordless epilators should work much better for you.

Powering the units

This point is pretty self-explanatory and quite distinctively highlights the differences between cordless and corded epilators. Cordless epilators are powered by inserting double A or triple A batteries, while corded epilators are powered by plugging them into power sockets. This tends to lead to corded epilators being more powerful than their cordless counterparts.  Voltage and current running in corded epilators are higher across the board, which is what gives them their signature grooming and finish. If you know that you have struggled with rapidly growing hair and want a solution that works in the long term, corded epilators will work better for you. The increased power and strength that these units have makes the clean extremely thorough and reduces the chances of hairs slipping between the cracks during use.

Portability and Bulkiness.

If you’re someone who travels frequently, be it for family vacations, solo getaways or business trips, you’re going to need an epilator which is compact and highly portable — allowing to bring your personal grooming tool with you wherever you go, giving you access to it wherever you may be. Without a doubt, cordless epilators have the upper hand in this category. All you need to be able to make use of a cordless epilator is a bunch of batteries, while corded epilators require you to bring the power brick as well as adapters if you’re traveling outside of the US. Personally, this is something I can’t live without when I am traveling overseas for work, so I can wholeheartedly recommend quality cordless epilators over their corded counterparts. It’s so easy to bring around I practically never leave the country without my trusty Panasonic ES-ED90.

In Closing

And there you have it, a nice, simple breakdown of the pros and cons of corded and cordless epilators respectively. Hopefully, some of the things I’ve shared has helped you understand a little better about things you might want to look out for when getting an epilator of your own. And remember always to consult and take stock of your lifestyle, because you know yourself best, so go with your gut!

10 Best Epilators You Can Get in 2019

Everyone wants to find that magic balance between enjoying smooth, supple skin, without going through too much discomfort. Epilators are the answer to this problem we’ve all been struggling with for far too long. Helping you best beat the fuzz and itch, rejuvenating your skin and complexion practically instantly, it’s no wonder epilators of all model and type are flying off the shelves. Get cracking, Ladies, before the trend leaves you in the dust!

Never Shave Again, when you’ve got an Epilator

Hailed by many as the new holy grail, the gold standard, and the creme de la creme of hair removal and personal grooming; Epilators take the most essential features of shaving and waxing, combining them into one, hassle-free, painless package. Droves of women are turning to this wonderful device to solve their day-to-day personal grooming woes, and girl, do they deliver. Evidenced by how practically no one who uses a quality epilator ever goes back to the old shave and wax combo.

Slight Downsides in some of the Best Epilators

Initial Discomfort

As with trying new things, it’s usually going to be uncomfortable for you to step out of your comfort zone. It’s no different for newer Epilator users, who tend to note that the first use feels particularly strange. Over time, you’ll get used to it, and once you get over that initial hurdle, my oh my will you save time as you’ve never imagined.

Leaning a little on the premium side

Another thing that occurs to people is the price of a quality Epilator, with some of the best ones on the market easily breaking the three-figure mark. It might seem a little daunting at first to sink more than a hundred dollars on a single product, but trust me, ladies, it’s well worth it. The time, Money and frustration you save when you get yourself a high-quality epilator easily make up for the higher initial investment. Say goodbye to blunt razors, scouring the aisle for wax and uneven shaves forever. Additionally, when you cut out the cost of resupplying the razors and wax, you can practically make back your investment on an epilator within just half a year.

Look, we get it. If you’re still unsure about what epilator to get, worried that it won’t be right for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve included a long, detailed and comprehensive buying guide for your use. It’s geared towards helping you better understand which epilator would work best for you and highlighting each product’s strong suits. Hopefully, it helps you get a better idea of what to look out for when you do get an epilator of your own!

How to purchase the Best Epilator for your needs

How Does An Epilator work?

Without getting too much into the technical details, an epilator works by plucking out hairs using tweezers that rotate on the contact zone of the unit. Sounds a tad bit painful doesn’t it? Thankfully, a large portion of the best epilators you can get your hands on, like the ones included in our list, are specially made to be as painless as possible during use. Epilators remove hairs by directly removing the hairs from the hair follicles, it takes hair around a month to fully regrow. This fact alone makes epilators, and epilation, one of the best methods around when talking about hair removal. And rest assured, the follicles under your skin are still in good shape, so using epilators don’t lead to permanent hair loss.

Will Epilator’s hurt during use?

Hair-removal is pretty much always a touchy subject. Yes, there is some discomfort as the plucking of the hair from the follicles can be quite hard to get used to, especially for newer users. Even then, the Best epilators that you can get your hands on today are already specially manufactured for reduced pain during use. Again, you know yourself best, so if you’re more sensitive to pain, you might want to consider investing in an epilator that’s specialized for painless grooming.

What’s the difference between “Wet/Dry” and “Dry” Epilators?

For most top-performing Epilators, they work best on dry skin. However, “Wet and Dry” models give you the option to use the epilators during a shower. Which is great because the warm water can help to open up pores in your skin, and reducing the friction during the removal process. Resulting in greatly reduced pain during use. This is likely something you can ignore unless you know you have a particularly low tolerance for pain, as most modern epilators are already practically painless to use.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best epilators that you can get your hands on. And from there, you can choose which would work best before getting it yourself!

1.Braun Silk Epil 9


Great gadget! Does it all: trims, shaves and plucks!

By LPshopping, 2 years ago

It was thorough and I only needed to do one or two passes to get all of the hair–little hair and long hair.

By Carrie Rogers, 3 years ago


  • Shaves, exfoliates, and massages in one complete package
  • Easy to use and clean with the ergonomic shape and waterproof design


The Braun Silk Epil 9 sets the standards for epilators with a range of tools and features for managing unwanted hair. Its innovative microgrip tweezer technology removes the entire hair from the root bed while the 40% wider epilation head allows more hair to be removed per stroke for faster and more efficient epilation.

Cordless and water resistant, the device can be used dry or in the bath or shower whichever is easier and more comfortable for you. It is also fitted with an exfoliation brush for a more thorough cleaning that suppresses ingrown hairs and a massage attachment for improving skin texture and appearance.


  • MicroGrip tweezer technology.

The upgraded tweezer technology removes even the shortest hair with no nicks or cuts.

  • Wider epilation head.

The 40% wider epilation head covers more skin and speeds up the shaving process.

  • Exfoliation Brushes.

Two extra exfoliation brushes help prevent ingrown hair and remove dead skin for maximum smoothness.

  • Massage Heads

A high frequency massage system makes epilating a less painful experience

  • Ergonomic shape.

A slimmer and longer built makes it easy to grip for less dropping in the shower.

  • Lightweight and compact.

Its small footprint doesn’t take much space and is perfect for travel.

2.Panasonic ES-ED90


Due to its large head I feel zero pain and the hair pulls out super fast.”

By Pearsons, 2 years ago

Overall I love how smooth my legs are now, it’s the kind of smooth I was never able to obtain with a razor.”

By Amazon Customer, 2 years ago


·         Does everything with interchangeable epilator, shaver, trimmer and pedicure attachments

·         Removes hair on every part of the body with pivoting normal epilator and gentle epilation heads


The Panasonic ES-ED90 has all the options for those new to the epilation experience or have been around the block a few times. Pros who would like to remove a lot of hair at the same time can use the dual-disc, epilator head with the entire 48 tweezers while newbies who prefer a gentler feel can opt for the smaller epilator head with less tweezers.

There are two speeds with the slower of the two ideal for beginners, while the faster one does epilation quickly for old hands. Both can appreciate though the pivoting epilator head that glides through hard-to-reach areas, the built-in LED light that illuminates hard-to-see hair, and the pedicure buffer that smooths dry, callous skin.


  • Epilator, shaver, and pedicure buffer in one.

The multi-functional device is a complete home package for hair removal and foot care.

  • Dual-speed motor.

A normal and soft mode makes epilation more personalized and comfortable.

  • 48 metal tweezers.

The tweezer total, which is more than most other devices, ensures quick and easy hair removal.

  • Pivoting head.

The head tilts up to 60 ° to get very short hairs even in curved areas.

  • Hypo-allergenic blades.

The nickel-free inner blade promises a clean and safe shave even for sensitive skin.

  • Pedicure attachment.

The pumice function removes calluses and polishes rough patches for beautiful, supple feet.

3.Braun Face 851


This is a great little epilator. Perfect for facial hair as the smaller size makes it much easier and more efficient/precise than the full-size devices.”

By M. Wong, 1 year ago

This one gets the coarsest hairs and the tiniest hairs better than waxing or threading at the salon, but without fear that it will damage your face.”

By battery buyer, 1 year ago


  • Removes extraneous facial hair easily and comfortably
  • Deep cleans and exfoliates face with accompanying facial brush


The Braun Face 851 lets you enjoy two facial treatments in one by combining an epilator with a cleansing brush for a visibly smooth and clear complexion. The hair removal appliance has 10 micro-openings that catch even the finest hairs from the root to ensure a smooth hairless finish that lasts for weeks.

Switch the epilating head with the facial brush and remove makeup and impurities that cause blackhead build up right down to the pores. With four different brushes to cover all of your skin care needs, your face will be glowing with a radiant and luminous shine that manual cleansing can’t do.


  • Facial epilator and cleansing brush combo.

The 2-in-1 tool removes facial hair and cleanses skin pores for a smooth and flawless look.

  • High frequency plucking.

With 200 plucking movements per second, you can extract unwanted hair from the root in a matter of seconds.

  • Range of facial brushes.

A regular brush, an extra sensitive brush, an exfoliation brush and a beauty sponge complete your skin care regimen.

  • Bidirectional switch

The head can move either clockwise or anti-clockwise to effectively epilate both sides of the face.

  • Portable size and weight.

Its light weight and slim design make it easy to bring along for emergency touch-ups of stray hairs.

  • Waterproof construction.

You can epilate and wash off the device in the middle of your shower.

4.Philips Satinelle


It’s powerful, fast and pulls from the root. I consider it the gold standard.

By Tsimperk, 2 years ago

I have never had the hair removed off my face so well. I used it the day I got it and can’t believe the difference, the smallest hairs were removed.

By grandma8, 1 year ago


  • Fast epilation device for both face and body
  • Easy to steer and control with the unique S-shaped handle


If you plan on epilating not only facial hair but the rest of your body as well, the Philips Satinelle does both for the price of one. The extra wide epilator head captures more hair on the whole body with its 32 tweezers that can be downsized with a facial cap when it’s time to remove hair from the face.

Other accessories include a delicate area cap for the bikini line or underarm and a shaving head and trimmer comb for cutting and styling. Throw in a two-speed setting, built-in LED light, and wet and dry function in a compact and portable size and you’ll have more than enough for silky smooth skin without spending too much.


  • Wide 30 mm epilating head

The bigger epilating area makes hair removal easy and quick in just one go.

  • Facial epilation cap

The cap reduces the epilator area to make it easy to remove facial hair.

  • Micro-ridged ceramic discs

The round ceramic discs grip hair more firmly while being gentle on the skin.

  • Dual speed setting

The setting can be adjusted for a personalized epilating experience.

  • Built-in Optilight

The integrated light ensures you won’t miss any fine or difficult to see hairs.

  • Ergonomic S-shaped design

The handle that’s narrower at the bottom and widens at the head makes it easy to access hard to reach areas.

5.Emjoi Soft Caress


“Having tried similar epilators, almost nobody believes me when I tell them that this is pain free and it is as good as waxing for reducing hair.”

By Amazon Customer, 5 years ago

“This thing is pretty painless. I had to keep going over the area with my hand to make sure it was smooth because I literally did not feel the hair being ripped out.”

By Amy LeBlanc, 6 years ago


  • Hypoallergenic gold-plated tweezers epilate with minimum skin irritation
  • Gentle hair removal with patented pain reduction technology


The Emjoi Soft Caress earns its name by placing extra attention to pain-management and hygienic features that make it ideal for those new to epilating or have sensitive skin. Its pain reduction technology ensures a smooth hair-removal experience while the included massage attachment helps reduce discomfort.

The 36 gold-plated tweezers are no gimmick as gold is a non-reactive metal with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, its soft grip feature and compact size are practical for maneuvering over sensitive spots such as the underarms and bikini area without pinching the skin around it.


  • 24 karat gold-plated tweezers.

The hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties of gold mean less irritation on the skin.

  • Pain reduction technology

The patented pain reduction technology keeps the skin from hurting during epilation

  • Massage finger attachment

The massaging attachment helps numb the skin while plucking hair.  

  • Dual speed control

The slower speed works for fine hair while the faster speed is for thicker coarser hair.

  • Curved ergonomic design

The curved shape fits perfectly in the hand for targeting awkward angles of the body.

  • Cord and cordless option

It can be used with or without the cord for more choices and flexibility.

6.Emjoi Emagine


It is powerful and picks up even the shortest of hairs. I have been epilating for years and this is the best I have ever used.”

By Rugby267, 1 year ago

I actually did not find it painful for the most part. Legs were very smooth afterwards.”

By Tracy, 1 year ago


·         Does the job quickly and efficiently with large number of tweezers

·         Protects skin from infection with pioneering silver ion technology


With almost twice the number of tweezers compared to other epilators, the Emjoi Emagine makes the task of removing unwanted hair a breeze. It uses the Glide Technology that tenderly lifts up very short and flat hairs other epilators may miss so the tweezers can grab them and pluck them from the root.

It’s not as painful as it sounds as the dual opposed heads rotate in opposite directions to gently stretch the skin taut so hair can be removed efficiently with less discomfort. It is the first epilator to employ the silver ion technology that helps keep the skin free from infection especially very sensitive types.


  • High number of tweezers

Seventy-two tweezer heads reduce the number of passes needed to remove the same amount of hair.

  • Silver ion technology

The antimicrobial coating on the head keeps it free from bacterial growth.

  • Patented Glide Technology

The exclusive lifting fingers technology removes hair as short as 0.5mm to ensure an even and full shave.

  • staggered, dual-opposed heads

The dual opposed heads keep skin stretched for comfort and are staggered to cover more surface area.

  • Dual speed control

The speed can be regulated depending on your hair type and comfort level.

  • Long power cord.

The power cord provides a sustained power source so you won’t suddenly run out of power in the middle of a session.

7.Facial Cleansing


“Review 1……”

By xxxx, 2 years ago

“Review 2……”

By xxxx, 2 years ago


2-in-1 hair removal package with epilator and shaver

Covers other skin care needs with facial cleansing brush, massaging head and callus remover


The Facial Advanced Cleansing device is a complete grooming set that lets you enjoy two facial treatments with just one product. The epilator head has 9 pairs of tweezers that can pluck even the shortest and finest hairs while the cleansing brush has hypoallergenic bristles that gets rid of impurities and cleans skin pores.

And if that weren’t enough, it also transforms into an electric shaver, a massage pad and a foot exfoliator by simply switching attachments. So whether you want to revitalize your skin with a gentle rubdown or reduce the calluses and hard skin on your feet, this device brings a number of spa treatments to your home.


  • Multi-functional extra heads

There is no need to buy so many devices to complete your skin care regimen.

  • Epilator function

The epilator’s tweezers are capable of catching hair as small as 0.5mm by the root.

  • Facial cleansing brush

The hypoallergenic brush removes makeup and pore-deep impurities better than manual cleansing.

  • Stainless steel shaver

The shaver head’s cellular floating foil and R-shaped design won’t nick the skin especially in delicate areas.

  • Massage system

A gentle vibrating massage stimulates the skin for a relaxing facial.

  • Pedicure attachment

A callus remover buffs rough or calloused heels for soft and smooth feet.

8.Remington Facial Epilator


Has made facial hair removal on upper lip so easy, effective and relatively pain free. Great price too.

By Seamoon, 1 year ago

I use it all over my face, upper lips, chin, cheeks… works beautifully! So glad I finally got one of these!

By Marcelle, 1 year ago


  • Slim, pinpoint hair removal system for facial areas
  • Low price point while still providing a smooth and hair-free look


The Remington Facial Epilator performs exactly what it’s made for with 6 automatic tweezers that are enough to cover the face while epilating gently and smoothly for fast and painless hair removal. Its compact size and cordless design make it easy to maneuver around the side of the face, cheeks, chin and upper lip.

It has no extra attachments or features but it’s more than twice as cheap compared to its direct competitors. It is easy to maintain with a protective cap that guards the epilator head when traveling or storing, and a cleaning brush that clears away excess hairs from the epilator’s tweezers.


  • Automatic tweezing system

The 6 rotating tweezers work on both coarse and thin hairs for a smoothness that lasts.

  • Compact Design

The epilator is large enough to fit in the hand while small enough to fit in a handbag.

  • Protective Cap

A head cover keeps the unit safe and clean when not in use.

  • Cleaning Brush

The brush accessory gets rid of hair build-up in the tweezers.

  • Battery-powered operation

With 1 AA battery, you can already epilate without recharging or looking for a plug socket.

  • Wallet friendly price

It offers the essential functions of a facial epilator despite the low price tag.

9.Panasonic ES-ED96


Excellent epilator that works really quickly and gets out even small hairs; the results of epilation really do last for weeks.

By Amazamma, 2 years ago

The double heads work well covering max area fast. Find it relatively pain free and the results impressive.

By DebC, 1 year ago


  • Single device with various attachments for whole body pampering
  • Efficient hair removal with 48 tweezers in a 60˚ pivoting head


Enjoy your own spa treatment at home with the 8-in-1 Panasonic ES-ED96 for the whole body. Combining 8 functions in one unit, it has separate epilation heads for the legs and arms area and the underarms and bikini line, a facial brush and a body scrub, an electric shaver and a bikini comb, and a gentle cap and foot exfoliator.

The eight different attachments mean you can rid yourself of unwanted hair, dead skin cells and calluses with just one device. It has an easy to handle size and design that comfortably fit in the palm of the hand for all functions while the accompanying carry bag keeps all the accessories and epilator in one place.


  • Various epilating heads

The main epilating head removes hair from large areas like the legs and arms, the smaller one works on sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms while the gentle cap is less harsh on the skin.

  • 60˚ flexible pivoting head

The 60-degree wide head spins and flows with the natural contour and curves of the body.

  • Extra-soft sonic facial brush

The fine bristles and sonic vibrations cleanse deep into pores to remove bacteria, makeup and oil.

  • Sonic body scrub

The body scrub attachment uses sonic frequency to break up pollutants that cling to the skin.

  • Foot care accessory

The pedicure buffer smooths rough, dry skin and calluses on the feet and toes.

  • Wet/Dry Technology

It is water-resistant for use in the shower and for cleaning during baths.

10.Emjoi Emagine AP-18


The dual rotating heads and high number of tweezers speed hair removal.”

By rustcity, 1 year ago

I have dark coarse hairs and this device just glided across my legs with minimal pain.”

By Shayboo, 1 year ago


  • Most number of tweezers on the market for faster and less painful epilation
  • Patented technologies for skin protection and pain reduction


With 72 tweezers arranged on a large tweezer surface area, the Emjoi Emagine AP-18 removes more hair from the root at once. Yet even with so many tweezers, it is not as painful as other epilators as the dual opposed heads hold the skin taut to ease any pain while the Glide Technology easily moves over skin for less irritation.

On the other hand, the Silver Ion Technology provides antimicrobial protection especially for people with sensitive skin. For added comfort, it lets users choose their preferred setting from low speed for gentler epilation of sensitive areas to high speed for quicker and more efficient coverage of less sensitive areas of the body


  • 72 tweezer head

The industry leader in number of tweezers removes hair much faster than any other product in it’s class

  • Dual opposed staggered heads

The dual-opposed heads gently stretch skin for comfort and are staggered to grasp every strand. No spot’s missed with this one.

  • Silver Ion Technology

An antimicrobial coating keeps the head free of bacterial growth.

  • Glide Technology

The patented technology lifts up flat laying hairs for less irritation of the skin during epilation

  • Multiple speed settings

It has two operating speeds to regulate the appropriate setting for your hair, allowing you to tailor your experience.

  • Ergonomically engineered handle

The specially designed handle is comfortable to hold and easy to move around, providing the ultimate personal grooming experience imaginable.