Facial Advanced Cleansing Epilator Review 2019


  • A device that is comfortable and clean to use
  • An easy to use tool that you can utilize anytime and anywhere


“I bought this for my wife. She loves it. It works very well and does the job. She says it did not take long to charge and she does not have to charge it that often between uses.”

By Jerry, two years ago


A device that is not just an epilator, it features additional functions for the benefit of the whole body. Facial Advanced Cleansing is a 5-in-1 device that has an epilator for shaving, facial brush that promotes deep cleaning of the face, massager for circulation and pedicure attachments that removes dead and dry skin, all for pampering your whole body.


  • Close, effective epilation

A competent epilation that is capable of removing such as 0.5mm short of hair

  • Deeply cleanses pores

Provides you up to 8x more cleaning power in only just for a minute.

  • Refresh your skin

Make your skin glow by massaging during epilation to stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the skin

  • Stainless steel shaver attachment

It offers precision shaving and the best cutting that will not damage your skin

  • Effective pedicure attachment

Removes dry and dead skin to give your feet that rich, supple feel.


The Facial Advanced Cleansing System is a multipurpose device that seeks to pamper your body. It also promotes hygiene and cares for sensitive skin. A highly-recommended device that is also easy to manipulate on top of being affordable. It is like you are holding a full spa in the palm of your hand.

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