Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilator Review 2019


  • A user-friendly device that enables comfortability while in use
  • A versatile device that can be used in wet or dry surfaces


“ I’ve been using it every day on my legs in the shower to get the new hairs that grow in since it isn’t all growing in the same stage at the same time, my whole body is silky smooth, and I love it. I have seriously used this thing on almost every part of my body, and the shaver cap with the guard on is great for eyebrows. ”

By Lady, two years ago.

“Other bits I like about this: 1) the light. I thought it’d be gimmicky and useless, but it’s very helpful. 2) The shaver head. Great for bikini trimming. 3) It’s comfortable to hold, and the charge seems to last a long time.”

By Tabitha, two years ago


The Braun Silk-9 has a top-notch design making it an ideal model for epilators. It is a cost-efficient purchase with a performance that grants you great satisfaction with smooth hair-free skin. It provides optimal hair removal by its complete epilation system. This device can make your skin silky smooth by removing hairs even as short as 0.5mm. It is proven to be 4x more effective than wax, and it is a good investment as it is not only for removing hair, it also prevents ingrown hairs and provides yourself a deep massage.


  • Waterproof

You won’t have any problems using it in wet or dry areas.

  • Pulsating Vibration

A good thing for people who has sensitive skin as it will bring you light vibration to calm the skin and lower the discomfort you may feel.

  • Pivoting Head

A device where it adjusts on every curve of the body where hair is present for a more efficient way to remove hair.

  • Massage Heads

An impressive piece that provides a deeper massage and contributes circulation for the betterment of skin tone and appearance.

  • Exfoliation Brushes

There are two types of brushes; the gentle exfoliation is for the sensitivity of your body, and the deep body exfoliation is for removing dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hair.


This device is much more than you bargained for. It has all the features you need for that effective hair removal and then some! It is easy to use, and it also targets the sensitivity of the body. You can now enjoy removing that pesky stubble and unsightly hairs while in the shower.

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