Braun Face 851 Epilator Review 2019


  • An elegant design that captures extremely fine hairs fast enough
  • A model that has the concern of those who has sensitive skin


“I just used my facial epilator for the first time, and I am ecstatic! I have been a regular waxing or threading customer for years and was looking for something I could use at home. I had wonderful results with the Braun 851. It was less painful than threading and will pay for itself when I use it again. ”

By P.Halterman, two years ago.

“Took the chance and this is like a wand. Lightweight, easy to maneuver and just the right head. The best part is that it has a switch to flip from up& down to down & up rotation which means you can switch hands and still have the right direction of a pull-think nose in the way kind of thing and you can appreciate why that’s important.”

By Vicky G, one year ago


Known as the FaceSpa, this device is the World’s first facial epilator and cleansing brushing system. It promotes a keen and deep cleaning that can remove hair as short as 0.02mm. It is easy to clean, compact for travel, precise and effective in removing hair in surface areas.


  • Highly Effective

It can pluck even the smallest measurement of hair that even a regular set of tweezers cannot grip.

  • Bi-directional

Adapts effectively in any direction you are custom to and it doesn’t matter which side of your face you want to begin with.

  • Battery Powered

All you need is a battery, and you are good to go. You don’t need to have any problem with cords.

  • Portable

You can carry this device anywhere and anytime.

  • Easy to clean

The device comes with a small brush that can knock off the hair removed.


An easy to use and effective device that targets even the smallest amount of hair. A compact epilator that you can bring to anywhere and anytime without using much of space. The Braun Face 851 is highly recommendable for its versatility and affordability.

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